12 things you won’t learn at business school

Every year there is a new flood of MBA graduates from all of the best business schools on the planet and some of the not so good ones too.

Unfortunately, even although their bank account says that yes, they’ve paid for the schooling alright and yes there is a nice scroll saying they have their MBA hanging on the wall, the vast majority of MBA or business school graduates are just like most of the rest of society:

They are in the dark about running a profitable business

Here are the 12 key things that business school doesn’t equip graduates for:

  1. Business School doesn’t show you how to quickly evaluate the condition of your business or of a business opportunity using just a few pieces of easily available information.
  2. Business School doesn’t show you how to take that information and quickly start to reduce costs and maximise profits.
  3. Business School doesn’t show you how to identify the one, key, golden niche that your business can fill and dominate easily.
  4. Business School doesn’t show you how to rapidly structure a business around that golden niche so that you can dominate it quickly and continuously.
  5. Business school doesn’t tell you how the traditional view and nuts and bolts of marketing is flawed and it certainly doesn’t teach you how to use that to your advantage.
  6. Business school doesn’t teach you how to re-structure your business operation in a day so that there is an unstoppable flow of great ideas readily provided by your staff, your customers and your suppliers.
  7. Business schools doesn’t teach you how to get the absolute maximum value out of every cent you spend in your business.
  8. Business school doesn’t tell you that people just can’t be managed…yes even if you call them “Human Resources”…ahhh!!
  9. Business school doesn’t teach you how to lead and inspire the people in your business by asking just one question of yourself.
  10. Business school doesn’t teach you how to spend an afternoon finding 30% extra cash that is already in your business but being wasted.
  11. Business school doesn’t teach you anything about setting in motion a system for your people to continuously improve your business for you.
  12. Business school leaves you with more questions than answers; the 10 minute MBA gives you the confidence to be sure you aren’t missing anything out and that you are building a solid business that dominates its niche market or markets.

Fortunately the 10 minute MBA does all of these things and instead of the thousands of dollars you would spend on a business school education the 10 Minute MBA costs only £35…

…and instead of 3 years of your life you would spend attending business school, the 10 minute MBA takes only…10 minutes.

Check out the 10 minute MBA today and see how it can transform your business knowledge.

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