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What the Best Online MBA Programs won’t teach you about Leadership

Even the best online MBA programs lack insight into the holy grail of management that is Leadership.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying that Leadership can’t be taught, but I am certain that all of the best online MBA programs fall at this step.


Because even the best online MBA programs feel that they need to be verbose and sound clever. In just about every program, you will find over complicated views on becoming a great business leader.

So how much space do I give up in my book, the 10 Minute MBA, to teaching you Leadership?

It might surprise you that where the best online MBA programs take an entire module to get their teaching across on this subject, very few of them actually get to the point of Leadership.

Skirting the Issue

You see, most of the best online MBA programs actually avoid this issue as if it was a contagious disease. You’ll find the same problem with a lot of the standard MBA fodder that is out there. A lot of people keeping their heads firmly below the parapet when there is anything ambiguous to discuss.

And can there ever be a more ambiguous subject in business school than Leadership? Probably not, hence the reason for many of the best online MBA programs skipping over it.

The ones that do tackle the subject mostly skirt around the edges and might even get you to do a little role play online with people you’ve never met. All of this of course lacks realism and the most important emotion in Leadership, which is Empathy!

Leadership in One Sentence?

The 10 Minute MBA gets straight to the point and will teach you a new way to think about Leadership that will never let you down.

How long does it take?

We’ll if I told you the main thrust of what I have to say on Leadership can be nailed by a smart person by reading just 1, yes that’s one sentence, would you be surprised? Of course you would, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Of course, the Leadership section is way longer than just one sentence, but if you’re smart, you can use the remainder of that section just for reference. You’ll learn enough to get started on being a great Leader by absorbing just one sentence.

The best $10 you’ll spend

The entire 10 Minute MBA is based on this same thinking. Getting rubber on the road fast, so you can feel supremely confident and well educated. You’ll be forgiven for also feeling a little smug about being a superior leader just by reading a $10 eBook.

The very best online MBA programs won’t give you this, but they will take a lot more of your money. Just do yourself a favour and buy the 10 Minute MBA now. It’s the only way to get on my list to access a lifetime of business education you’ll never regret taking.

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