The Grasping of the Means of Production has long been known as the key to achieving freedom from wage slavery and here you can access the knowledge and tools to help you do just that. Conceived and developed by the author of the 10 Minute MBA, John Quinn, the site offers a deep well of resources to guide and support you in your own quest for freedom from traditional work.

Putting your own slant on things

John’s approach to delivering the tools and training you need in order to achieve work freedom, focusses on helping you to find your own voice about things you are already expert in.

This can seem counterintuitive at first. After many years and perhaps decades in an industry that you’ve grown to detest or just feel tired of, it can be tempting to walk away to start something fresh and completely detached from your past work life.

The 10 Minute MBA will help you to reassess the situation and think about what it is that really irks you about the work you have most knowledge of and to use that to re-design your industry from the inside out.

This doesn’t mean you can’t try something new later or even tentatively along side your first freedom project, but there can be no doubt that the quickest route to real wealth on your own terms is to re-configure something you already know well.

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