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Giving is the new selling

Giving is the new selling

Giving is the new selling, so if you can give someone your seat on the bus, you can be a successful entrepreneur.

To make headway in business you need to sell stuff. This article shows how that is a lot easier and ethical than many think. Why? Because giving is the new selling!

Unfortunately when things just wont take off with your new business or your established business takes a financial dip, its due to a lack of sales usually. And selling is seen by many as a black art only open to slippery types you wouldn’t leave alone with your grandmother.

But what are you selling?

It doesn’t matter if you are selling light bulbs or trips to the moon, you can’t force people to buy from you. That means that all of the old teaching you had about selling is obsolete.

You know the old worn out stuff about knocking on enough doors, knowing when to go for the close. One more “No” is just another step  closer to a “Yes” etc etc. I still see people…guru’s even, hawking this same old advice around the internet and in sales books.

This thinking is based on the hard selling, target focussed sales techniques used in the 19th century by encyclopedia salesmen in the wild west.

Nobody makes a business like that anymore and nobody buys that way either. That old style selling was just plain harassment and was never based on win win. Due to that it usually meant that the sale was a one time event with no prospect of a repeat or the development of a customer relationship.

That thinking also is the root of the problem that many business people have with selling. They think that they are going to have to go out and sell…its not true.

Selling to a willing audience that will gratefully buy your products and services over and over is as easy as asking an old lady if you can help her across the road or getting up to give a pregnant lady your seat on the bus.

Selling is really all about helping people. If you are generous with your time and knowledge and help people who need that time and knowledge,  and you do it over and over again, you will build a loyal following of customers who will gladly support your business in the long term.

Not only that, but they will also deliver to you the holy grail of business…they will go out into the world and bring back more customers and they will spread the word about how great you are. Your job is to be dedicated to providing these people with the best product you can with unlimited service and generosity along the way.

When you start to work like that…every day is a good day and business is a breeze.

With that in mind…please do yourself a big favour and spend the most valuable $10 you’ve ever spent. Miss out a coffee and muffin for one day to pay for it if you must:

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